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I’m infected with the model railroad virus since I was a small boy. Inherited by my dad, and good used during my youth. But it really struck me in later years, and well in 1999 when I got the change to show my first layout “Metusa Junction” on the Dutch model railway expo “Eurospoor ‘99”. After that I really got the taste of exhibiting my self build layouts because I got fine and good response with my first one. It seemed that this layout did something to the Dutch modelers, maybe because it was build with the English layouts as example. It simply showed that you don’t need much space for a full grown layout. Sadly, this layout is no more......

Many shows in Europe where attended with Metusa Junction. But after her I build other ones like The Shop, but also Harlan Wade and Cornfield Yard.

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Convention Zwitserland, Adliswill 2006 Award “best layout of show”

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Convention Zwitserland, Adliswill 2006  Recording of  Eisenbahn Romantik