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Civil War Layout

After some layouts build the normal way I’m now looking for a new challenge in my modelling. Untill now it is only kitbuilding. There is nothing wrong with that but I feel there is more. Cornfield Yard is build to my satisfaction but now I need something new with a lot od scratchbuilding

I found a suitable subject for that; The American Civil War. This war was from 1861 to 1865 and brought much technical progress. The railroads played a big part in this conflict and made huge progress over these years. A more than suitable subject to build!

First I bought some books:

- "Mars get new Chariots" written by Lt R. Koenig. A good readable book that describes the railway during the years of the war. Much to read, less pictures. But it gives a good idea of the time of this conflict.
- The movie  "Gettysburg" from 1993. This is pure for the feel of the environment from that time. For the scenery that the layout will behold a must to see because the film is shot on the actual locations.
- Civil war railroads by G.B.Abdill.
- Civil war railroads & models by E.P.Alexander.

So, much to read. To gai more information I’m now in the Civil War Yahoo groep. There they have much knowledge about this topic. I also bough a lot of rolling stock through internet and local swapmeets.

In short time more, for now (in Dutch) look at my blog and: http://forum.beneluxspoor.net/index.php/topic,31899.0.html.

Greetz, Ronald.