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Team USA Ronald Halma is what it already says; a team about me, Ronald. I am a very fanatic model builder in the model trains sector. Specialized in H0 (that is 1 to 87 scale) I’ve build a number of layouts specially for exhibitions. Although almost all American-theme orientated there is a greater interest than that.

On this site I will show you the layouts build so far, but also some new projects that I’m building now. Also you can find the different exhibitions I’ll attend with my layouts. In the gallery you will find pictures of  my first H0 layout “Metusa Junction”, but also of the existing H0 layout “The Shop” as of the 0N30 layout-to-be-build “Harlan Wade”. Last but not least the brand new “Cornfield Yard” H0 layout which is on the way..

Have fun with exploring these pages! For comment and/ore suggestions as well improvements of this site please contact me at info (a) ronaldhalma.nl (@ instead a). Because I regularly update these pages it is wise to refresh this site with F5 if you revisit it. By doing so you always have the newest info! Best looked at in “full screen” mode. Press F11 to switch between normal and full screen.


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